Israel Photography Tour | Photography tours, workshops and vacations. Improve your camera and photographic skills in Israel alongside a professional photographer. Over 30 years experience in leading photo tours around the world.
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Israel Photography Tours

Photo experiences in the holy land

Israel photography tour offers a unique service for photo enthusiasts that combines technical instruction on improving your camera and photographic skills, and how to unleash your creativity while visiting the most photogenic locations in the fascinating land of Israel! We cover all areas of the country including the cities of Jerusalem, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Acco and Tzfat. From the the Galilee and Golan Heights in the north, to the Dead Sea & Negev desert in the south, we are confident that joining us on a private, customised photography itinerary will be the highlight of your trip.

Our photo tours and workshops are run by a professional photographer and instructor, with itineraries designed for beginners, amateurs and semi-pro photographers. If you are a photography enthusiast, want to capture the real Israel, want to improve your photographic skills and are looking for the most beautiful locations during the best lighting conditions, then these tours are designed for you. Our private itineraries are designed for architecture, landscape, environmental portrait and street photographers.

Photography Tours

Our photo tours within Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and around the land of Israel, offer a unique view through the eyes of a professional photographer. Regardless of your photography skills, we will show you how to create images to take your photography to the next level. Our itineraries have been carefully designed to discover the most photogenic locations, while receiving hands-on tuition from an expert photography instructor.

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Photography Workshops

Prepare to be inspired by our fabulous Israel and International photo workshops. These multi-day workshops cover all the technical and creative aspects of photography, with subjects including architecture, landscapes, environmental portraits, and street photography. A truly memorable experience awaits the avid photographer – join us for the adventure of a lifetime!

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Contact Us

Please feel free to get in contact with any questions or queries you may have that are not shown on our FAQ page, or if you would like to know our schedule and availability for bookings. You can also subscribe to our newsletter directly from our contact page.

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Client Testimonials

“This is the kind of expert coaching you only get from a seasoned photographer who spends time exclusively dedicated to helping you extend your experiences”

S. Feldman – Event manager

“We feel very fortunate to have traveled with Laurie. I look forward to further association and future photography opportunities through his international photography workshops”

P. Morgan – Location scout

“This was one of the highlights on a month long trip. I would highly recommend this photo tour to anyone advanced or beginner”

E. Gold – Screenwriter

“Laurie excelled in combining excellent tuition with wonderfully photogenic locations. All in all, an amazing experience”

M. Harris – Travel blogger

“Was like being with an old friend. Comfortable and compatible. Wonderful experience. Looking to do other trips with him in other countries”

J. Samuel – Film production



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