Israel Photography Tour | Israel Photography Tour | Blog post on our half day Tel Aviv and Jaffa afternoon photo tour itinerary. Join us on a memorable photographic experience. All photography skill levels welcome.
Israel Photography Tour | Blog post on our half day Tel Aviv and Jaffa afternoon photo tour itinerary. Join us on a memorable photographic experience. All photography skill levels welcome.
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Tel Aviv / Jaffa afternoon photography tour

  |   Tel Aviv

Our Tel Aviv /Jaffa afternoon photo tour incorporates the most photogenic locations of the city, together with optimum lighting conditions and during the cooler hours of the day. This 3 hour photography tour starts when the sun angle is lower to avoid harsh lighting when the sun is at it’s peak, and when the temperatures are lower to make our photo walk more comfortable. Continuing into the Golden Hour, we will enjoy the beautiful late afternoon light before ending the tour just after sunset.

Starting at our meeting point, we head to nearby Neve Tzedek, the first Jewish neighbourhood in Tel Aviv. With it’s single and double story houses, Neve Tzedek feels more like a village and is one of Tel Aviv’s most fashionable and expensive districts. This is a great area to start capturing the trendy locals among the quaint coffee shops and designer stores. We will pass by some interesting street art as well as derelict and renovated houses before arriving to the Rothschild Boulevard.

As we continue our tour, we will arrive to the Levinsky Market – a foodie’s paradise with its range of spices, dried fruits, olives and more. Likewise, it is a hidden gem for the photography enthusiast. Blending the traditional with the latest trends in fusion cuisine, and with it’s relaxed atmosphere, the Levinsky market is our favourite choice in Tel Aviv. As we leave the market, we continue in the trendy and upcoming area of Florentin.

The contrast in the neighbourhood of Neve Tzedek to that of Florentin is striking, especially considering it’s close proximity. For years, Florentin was characterized for it’s poverty in the middle of an industrialised zone. Traders still buy and sell furniture and garments, however in recent years the area has transformed into a community of artists and a haven for alternative culture. When wandering around Florentin at night, the visitor is struck by the transformation of a community hard at work, to one that is full of energy and full of life. Florentin is one of our favourite locations for photographing environmental portraits, to street art, urban decay and the regeneration of a neglected neighbourhood.

Our tour continues to historical Old Jaffa and Jaffa port. With the oldest sea port in the world, and a pilgrimage hub for the faithful heading to Jerusalem, Jaffa is bursting with history. Here you will find a vibrant multi-ethnic community, a labyrinth of narrow stone lanes and courtyards, fascinating markets, and of course – the charming sea port. Our itinerary is designed to spend time exploring the Golden Hour in Old Jaffa, and end our tour after photographing the sunset over Jaffa from the Tel Aviv sea promenade.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries on our start times and price structure. We would love to share this unique and memorable photography experience with you!

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