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Israel Photography Tour Blog. April 2020 - Photography in the time of Coronavirus

Photography in the time of Coronavirus

  |   Inspiration

Dear friends, we would like to take this opportunity to reach out and let you know that we share your fears, anxieties and concerns through these difficult days. With the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus and subsequent shockwaves that have reverberated around the world, and...

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Social networking for photographers

  |   Inspiration

For the photographer, the modern age has opened the door to a world of exposure through online networking platforms. Showcasing an individual's work, online interaction and recognition can be attained through the marvels of social networking. There is no denying that social media is revolutionising the photography industry. Below is a shortlist of our...

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Photograph a solar eclipse

Photographing a Solar Eclipse

  |   Inspiration

 "There is more between heaven and earth than most other places". Nikon D1X, 300mm f5.6 Itorex mirror lens, TC-201 teleconverter, B&W ND 10000X filter. This remarkable image, captured by Bjorn Rorslett, was captured during the peak of the solar eclipse on May 31st, 2003, near Oslo, Norway....

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